Scents of camping, campfire, and motorcycles could inspire your most adventurous life
Scents of camping, campfire, and motorcycles could inspire your most adventurous life
Scents of camping, campfire, and motorcycles could inspire your most adventurous life

SUMMARY: Articles published in the National Institute of Health indicate certain types of scents have a powerful impact on mental states, affecting everything from reduction in cigarette cravings, to resolving PTSD-related depression, to improving recall in people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Recent findings indicate profound life improvement can be achieved through the use of scent, particularly for people who live in urban environments.

“I just wanted to share my story with y’all and thank you personally. I am a first responder, firefighter, and a 9–11 responder. I have struggled mightily with PTSD and depression. Ever since I discovered Outlaw, self-care…

My cousin posted this yesterday, and it got me thinking about how much Facebook controls what we see and hear in the world.

Several years ago, Facebook admitted that they were manipulating users’ emotions intentionally by selectively displaying mood-triggering stories. Though they have claimed they stopped doing that, their algorithms selectively show you what you show you’ll engage with. If you like or comment on a post, Facebook believes that you’re interested in that, and it will show you more.

“I can’t believe all the animal cruelty people are sharing on Facebook these days,” my friend posted a few months…

This is an excerpt from my upcoming to-be-named book on how to get a job.

Temporary tattoo from the Central Soaper’s Workshop

A job without joy kills your soul.

If you ride the Bay Area subway at 7:30 in the morning, you’ll see what I mean: People with no light in their eyes, shuffling through the motions of getting to a job that brings them absolutely no joy. On the way home, it’s no different. They know they have to go tomorrow. They know the treadmill doesn’t lead anywhere exciting. It’s not really a dead end, but it’s not like they’re getting anywhere either.

Don’t be like…

Most of us know someone who has started a small business. You might be stuck in a quandary of how to support small business without going broke.

If we’re going to talk about how hard it is for people (especially women and people of color) to start businesses in the US, we’ve got to support them when they get out there and do it.

You might think that the best way to support a small business is to buy from them, and that might be hard if you don’t have a lot of cash. You might start to resent them…

1. Think about what your backer and/or customer is getting by backing your product and focus on that FIRST.

You have been swimming in and slaving over your project for the past however-many-months/years/decades, and you’re probably used to telling people what it is and what it’s about. But now, you have to step into the mind of the totally random stranger who is looking at your project wondering if he or she wants what you’re making.

Because yes, Kickstarters are about you and your journey to make a product … to your friends and family. But to every ol’ random person who comes across your project, you’re just someone who is selling something.

How does this product improve you…

Freelance writing is hard and sometimes not very rewarding. Last year, I tried to start some online courses, a blog, etc, but I burned out like so many writers do. This year, as I was staring at Chris Brogan’s site and pondering re-enrolling in his terrific Owner Media program, I realized I was meandering down the exact same path I took last year.

But this year, I’m determined to be different. I want to stay motivated.

So I started thinking about what keeps me motivated. If you’re trying to keep motivated, you can play along at home.

First, I thought…

“If our hearts are ready for anything, we are free to be ourselves. There’s room in the wilderness of our animal selves, for passion and play. There’s room for our human selves, for intimacy and understanding, creativity and productivity. there’s room for spirit, for the light of awareness to suffuse our moments. The Tibetans describe this confidence to be who we are as ‘the lion’s roar.’” — Tara Brach

Houses built on unsteady foundations will not stand.

But we are not houses, we are humans. Unlike houses, we are agile creatures, both physically and emotionally. …

What makes Firefox Dev Edition special?

Firefox Dev Edition is a special version of Firefox just for developers. Create fast, flexible interactive UI with with tools built in React and Redux, a special CSS Grid Inspector, compact browser UI and tools to help you test your site in many browser configurations and devices (including mobile).

Your version of Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition is built on Mozilla’s fastest browser engine yet, Gecko with Servo bits, so you can depend on this version to be not only faster but much more robust.

Since this version of Firefox Dev Edition is pretty new, we thought it would be fun…

Ah, Fall, the time when we small business owners are doing what we can to steady ourselves for the holidays and get as much inventory as possible together. The holidays, while being a time of great opportunity for turning an otherwise lean year into a solid profit, are also an opportunity to, well, miss an opportunity

Almost every year, we have run out of stock during the holidays. Every year, while we are celebrating on one hand, on the other hand, I am cursing that we weren’t better prepared.

There are many things to prepare for holiday sales, but without…

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” — Jim Rohn

A few years ago, I listened to some lectures that changed my perspective on everything. Rohn said that success is a formula. If you see someone with something you want, just do what they have done. Just as dependably as the acorn grows into an oak in the right conditions, if you create the right conditions in your life, the same things will grow into yours.

I became a student of admirable people, famous or friends, who have achieved what…

Danielle A. Vincent

Co-Owner of Outlaw Soaps, writer of “YOU-NICORN: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love”:

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